In 1984, a small Midwestern town named Bomont is invaded by Chicago teen Ren McCormack.

This may not sound like much; a mother and son, splitting off and leaving town on the heels of a nasty divorce, to live with family, right?

Well, it's much more than that. They come to a town where rock n' roll music is outlawed, as is dancing!

Yes, folks, we are talking about the movie that launched Kevin Bacon in to superstardom, we are referring to the film Footloose.

This week, Eva Standley has agreed to come back and host, as Mike took some time off - for those who don't know, Mike's mom was ill, and finally passed away a few weeks ago. He's currently looking for a place to stay, support of any kind, so if you think you want to help out, reach out to him over at Geekcast Radio (

And of course, join us as we try to figure out where the hell all these kids learned to dance so well if dancing is illegal in town!!!

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