The year is 1995. The last time we heard someone ask for a martini, “shaken, not stirred”, was in 1989, before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Communism and the Cold War in the Soviet Union are no longer – but we still have a “sexist, misogynist dinosaur” and a “relic of the Cold War”.

Who is this person being lauded with this title?

Bond. James Bond.

The return of the Ian Fleming character was a boon to the series. Timothy Dalton had provided a fading, perhaps dying interest in James Bond, and now, the former Remington Steele actor, Pierce Brosnan, was cast into the role. We also saw a first for the franchise – the role of M, head of MI:6, was cast with Dame Judi Dench. This was the first time a woman had been cast as M, which was a definite change, and helped to vault the film into critical success.

Join Doug Abel and Mike Blanchard as we discuss the first in a new era of James Bond films, in Goldeneye.

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