It's the season of love. Originally, this episode was supposed to be posted on Valentine's Day, but system issues with hosting prevented it from going up, so here it is, a week late.

Mike just seems to have a crush on Tom Cruise, so we're going back to the 90's again - this time, our trek back takes us to Rene Zellweger, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Jonathan Lipnicki, where we learn how to keep a pro football player as your client:


Yes, folks - we're covering Jerry Maguire!

The film introduces us to the life of agents, sports, a mission statement, and non sequiturs like, "My neighbor has two rabbits" and "The Human head weighs eight pounds."

Come with us this week as we discuss a movie for guys involving football, and a movie with romance and Tom Cruise realizing he was an asshole and recovering from his bad past.

Oh, and just so you know, "The fuckin' zoo's closed, Ray."

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