A long time ago, in a galaxy not too far away...(or more specifically, May 25th, 1977, in a theatre near you)

The significance of the above date changed a generation of movie goers, marketing, and helped to define the term "blockbuster". People lined up for hours, literally around the block, to catch a glimpse of a science fiction movie based on mystic arts, an epic space battle, and special effects that pushed the envelope, putting a company at the top.

The movie?

Star Wars.

Yes, this epic film became one of the best known trilogies of all time, taking us from a small desert world to do battle with an oppressive Empire, journeyed to planets of ice, swamps, and clouds, and even to forested locations with primitive yet intelligent bears.

This week, this episode is being released on May 4th, as part of Star Wars celebrations nationwide ("May the Fourth Be With You!"), and is part of our 100th episode celebration as well! Join Doug Abel, Mike Blanchard, and Todd Randolph as we discuss one of the greatest sicence fiction franchises of all time, Lucasfilm's Star Wars trilogy.

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