It’s July. The blockbuster movies are in the air, Thor has been announced to be a woman now, and San Diego is on the verge of an invasion.

What’s going on, you may ask? Why, simply, the biggest pop culture convention in the world – San Diego Comic-Con 2014!

This week, we’re not discussing a particular video game, movie, actor, or TV show – no, this week, we’re going international and sharing in Geek history. We’re discussing the lead-up to one of the largest conventions in the world.

This event is San Diego’s biggest tourist moneymaker for a 4 day period – the only thing bigger is the San Diego County Fair, which generates its revenue over a month.

What will be discussed? Panels, actors, everywhere that your host Doug Abel plans to be – and a few Con survival tips as well. Now, because your host is going to be AT Comic-Con, we will NOT be having an episode next week, but be prepared for an after show discussion, interviews, and panel highlights after!

Join TFG1Mike and Doug Abel as we discuss the geek event of the summer on this week’s episode of Talkin’ Bout My Generation!

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Major Nelson. Gov. Fred Picker. And of course, the daddy of SouthFork, J.R. Ewing.

This week’s episode is a tribute to Larry Hagman, a great actor with a long and storied career history.

We’ll cover Hagman on his time with I Dream of Jeannie and Barbara Eden, along with a rather funny Nick At Nite story of an encounter with Larry and an elephant; we’ll delve into the original Dallas series that ran from 1978-1991, with cast members such as Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal, and Priscilla Presley, and we’ll cover the 2012 continuation series and where it goes now that the Ewings have all grown up.

Join TFG1Mike and Doug Abel as they discuss the late great Larry Hagman on this week’s episode of Talkin’ Bout My Generation!

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In 1998, a relative unknown teen was picked up by The Disney Channel for a tween-to-teen show, The Famous Jett Jackson. A 65 episode hit, it ran until 2000, with a TV movie starring the teen idol.

In 2004, Lee Thompson Young was again starring in a movie as one of the main characters, this time about high school football in Texas – Friday Night Lights.

He also appeared in 3 episodes opposite Tom Welling, playing Cyborg, of the Justice League (before it was really the Justice League) in Smallville.

And finally, before the fateful day when Young took his life, he was Barry Frost, Rizzoli’s partner who was a meek computer whiz that would become ill at the sight of dead bodies and blood, on the TNT drama Rizzoli & Isles.

Join us this week as TFG1Mike, aka Mike Blanchard, sit down and reminisce in a a tribute to Lee Thompson Young on Talkin’ Bout My Generation.

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