007 is back for James Bond January; this time, it’s in the 3rd Pierce Brosnan installment, The World Is Not Enough. In this film, James rescues a stricken Sophie Marceau from the threats of nuclear war, and meets Denise Richards playing a nuclear physicist (Can we get any more unbelievable?)

Listen in as Doug Abel, Mike Blanchard, and Stephen Ring wax on (and wax off) about how this was not one of the best films in the Bond franchise.

Also, hear us pay homage to the last Bond film to feature Desmond Llewellyn, the infamous Q, with a nice outro!

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The year is 1997. The Cold War is over, and media is king. Rupert Murdoch, Ted Turner, Michael Bloomberg – they all were vying for the top, to be another William Randolph Hearst with sensational news.

James Bond is sent after a group of terrorists, only to discover that Elliot Carver, head of a multinational media conglomerate, is plotting to replace the Chinese government with another one, to gain control over the world’s largest media market.

Chasing the spies and trying to eliminate the threat, we see lots of vehicle chases, hot Bond girls (including Teri Hatcher, aka Lois on Lois And Clark: The Adventures of Superman), and explosions galore.

Join Doug Abel and Mike Blanchard as we discuss the second of Pierce Brosnan’s 007 films, Tomorrow Never Dies.

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The year is 1995. The last time we heard someone ask for a martini, “shaken, not stirred”, was in 1989, before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Communism and the Cold War in the Soviet Union are no longer – but we still have a “sexist, misogynist dinosaur” and a “relic of the Cold War”.

Who is this person being lauded with this title?

Bond. James Bond.

The return of the Ian Fleming character was a boon to the series. Timothy Dalton had provided a fading, perhaps dying interest in James Bond, and now, the former Remington Steele actor, Pierce Brosnan, was cast into the role. We also saw a first for the franchise – the role of M, head of MI:6, was cast with Dame Judi Dench. This was the first time a woman had been cast as M, which was a definite change, and helped to vault the film into critical success.

Join Doug Abel and Mike Blanchard as we discuss the first in a new era of James Bond films, in Goldeneye.

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Big Brother Is Watching You. No, not the stupid reality TV series – the year. 30 years ago, we had perhaps the Golden Age of summer blockbusters, and the best and most memorable cartoons of a generation were born in this year.

Ranging from Transformers to Voltron, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom to four guys in New York that helped save the world from Gozer (Yup, I’m referring to Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, and the late great Harold Ramis) in Ghostbusters, even the commercials that aired in this year were memorable.

Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl ad was the defining ad, making people watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials. And there was also a pop culture phenomenon that came out of Wendy’s hamburger chain, with three elderly women, one of them named Clara Peller, questioning, “Where’s the Beef?”

Come join Doug Abel and Mike Blanchard as we discuss what is probably the defining year of pop culture – 1984.

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