In our second installment of Failed Franchises February, we riff on some more just godawful, horrible cartoons that should never have been made.

Like what, you may ask?

Butt Ugly Martians.

Father of the Pride.

Just a few examples of what’s to come in this week’s episode where Mike and Doug sit down to discuss more things that really should NEVER have been made. (I mean, seriously? Butt-Ugly Martians? Did the studio heads actually hear the name BEFORE they aired it? And if so, who thought it was ok?)

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The cartoons we know and love, the movies we remember fondly – well, for every one of those, there was a dud sitting out there. And we want you to remember them with horror! :)

For the rest of the month of February, Doug Abel and Mike Blanchard are taking you on a horror trip down memory lane as we remember some awful franchises.

This week, we’re pulling out Rubik’s Cube, Coconut Fred’s Fruit Salad Island, and Crocodile Dundee (because really, they should have stopped after the first one).

As always, please leave us feedback as we go through Failed Franchises, Part I!

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Hi HOOOOOO! Hi ho, here we go now, it’s time for the 7D!

This week we’re actually talking pop culture of the current generation and one of our favorites on the air currently, Disney’s The 7D. It’s a reimagining of the Seven Dwarves from Snow White And the Seven Dwarves, with much of the cast and crew of Animaniacs coming back to write and perform.

Mike and I sit down and discuss this gem that was mined from old concepts, revamped by writers, directors, and producers Tom Ruegger, Paul Rugg, and Sherri Stoner, and absolutely incredible voice talents of people like Dee Bradley Baker, Maurice LaMarche, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Bill Farmer. So join us as we discuss a great cartoon on the airwaves now, Disney’s The 7D!

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To finish out our James Bond January, Mike Blanchard, Stephen Ring and I went back to perhaps what I think is one of the worst 007 movies ever – Die Another Day. Sure, it lacked Denise Richards as a nuclear scientist, but the CGI in this film was cheesy, the car chase on the ice was too long, and it was too gadget laden to be interesting.

But, it was Pierce’s last role as 007, and it did have some nice homages to previous James Bond films, so I’m not throwing it out completely. Listen in as we discuss this Bond flick on this week’s episode of Talkin’ Bout My Generation.

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