In Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie wrote about a series of boys that never grew up, and were a gang that followed Peter throughout his merry adventures in Neverland.

In 1987, Joel Schumacher (yes, the same guy who decided that George Clooney's Batman suit needed nipples, and that Ahnold needed to wear that horrible Mr. Freeze outfit, saying bad puns) brought back images of those same boys - only, these had been thrown a twist, and had gone bad, becoming vampires.

We also see a family that is torn in a divorce, the two Coreys team up for the first time, and we meet the infamous Frog Brothers, vampire hunters extraordinare.

This week, travel back in time to 1987 and Santa Carla with Nicole Hale and myself (Mike took the week off, because he prefers vampires that "sparkle") as we discuss perhaps one of the BEST vampire movies ever, The Lost Boys.

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Kingsman Movie Poster This week is a little different. We've opted to discuss a new movie, just because it pokes into our comic book hearts and roots, but is something of a James Bond for the next generation. That's right, we're discussing Kingsman: The Secret Service. A 2015 movie release with Samuel Jackson, Colin Firth, Michael Caine, and Taron Edgerton, this film is something of a parody of the James Bond films of the 70's, without being campy - Think xXx, but with a proper English spy, instead of voice of the Iron Giant. :) Mike and I reviewed it, and were...well, listen and see what we say on this week's episode, as we review the film!

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Kingsman Movie Poster Ahh, 1999. The last year before Y2K, the millenials being coined, and the year of Prince partying till there was no end. It was also the year a great hidden gem of a parody film debuted. No, not Weird Al doing UHF, or the horrible Vampires Suck film; no, this was a parody homage to Star Trek, with Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shaloub, and more. We got a great film, Galaxy Quest. This week, Mike and I are joined by Nicole “BeatlesDiva Hailstorm” Hale in a Talkin’ Bout My Generation/Geekcast Movie Week In Review crossover episode, as we discuss a great flick from the late 90s!

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Ok, folks – this week (well, it’s a week late) I have posted up our Failed Franchises finale. :) We discuss some of our favorite franchises that were killed off way too early – Clerks: The Animated Series, Young Justice, and more.

Sure, we all agree that there were some cartoons and TV shows that should NEVER have been made, but there were some that were just not given a chance!!! Come on, folks – just because it doesn’t have a successful action figure toy sale, or crazy popular DVD sales, does not mean the show needs to be killed off!!!

So check out what Mike and Doug discuss this week in our Failed Franchises, part III.

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