Finishing up with the current Daniel Craig era in Talkin' Bout My Generation's James Bond January, we launch into the most current movie, SPECTRE.

Where do I start? It just went south. Skyfall should have stopped the writing and go on to other stories. Yes, it's great that they're trying to link a through story for all of them, but really? 

We didn't get a good Dr. No, we didn't get a head of an evil organization, we simply got a guy who felt displaced from his father.

Listen this week as Doug and Mike dissect the most current James Bond film!

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This week, Talkin' Bout My Generation continues its James Bond January as we discuss what has been, so far, the best of the Daniel Craig era of James Bond films.

We finally get a return to some of the original James Bond characters; we get a hint of Bond's past, and we finally get to meet Desmond Llewelyn's "replacement" (because, let's face it, John Cleese just wasn't quite right) as Q.

We see a changing of the guard with M, we see James Bond finally becoming a solid 007, and we see hints of a new MI6 with that change.

Join Doug Abel and Mike Blanchard this week as we discuss one of the better Bond films, Skyfall.

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James Bond January is back.

Yes folks, this time on Talkin' Bout My Generation, Mike and I are discussing what is perhaps the most droll, the most "blah", the...Well, I'm going to come out and say it - the most boring James Bond movie we've sat through yet.

Yes, this week, we are discussing Quantum of, uhm...Quantum of Solace.

This movie hit theaters back in 2008, and somehow, it was successful. But damn, it took a LOT to get there.

An oil plot, explosions in the desert, James Bond meeting up in a short few scenes with Felix...and a very dark, brooding storyline that just seemed to take forever to get anywhere.

Join Mike Blanchard and Doug Abel as we discuss the second installment in the Craig era, Quantum of Solace.

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It's time, folks! Talking' Bout My Generation  is back for the new year, and this time, we're kicking off January with 007 and another James Bond January!

For this episode, we're jumping into the Daniel Craig era of James Bond. We're starting with the "reboot", Casino Royale.

If you're a fan of this movie, speak up and defend it. Mike and I did our best to try and talk well of this sucker, but UGH...It's not doable.

Join us this week as we discuss Casino Royale and wonder if maybe a "Royale with Cheese" would've been better than this one...

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