It's the season of love. Originally, this episode was supposed to be posted on Valentine's Day, but system issues with hosting prevented it from going up, so here it is, a week late.

Mike just seems to have a crush on Tom Cruise, so we're going back to the 90's again - this time, our trek back takes us to Rene Zellweger, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Jonathan Lipnicki, where we learn how to keep a pro football player as your client:


Yes, folks - we're covering Jerry Maguire!

The film introduces us to the life of agents, sports, a mission statement, and non sequiturs like, "My neighbor has two rabbits" and "The Human head weighs eight pounds."

Come with us this week as we discuss a movie for guys involving football, and a movie with romance and Tom Cruise realizing he was an asshole and recovering from his bad past.

Oh, and just so you know, "The fuckin' zoo's closed, Ray."

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This week, we are returning to video games with a nostalgic look at home consoles.

First, we talk about the Atari 2600 and our first system, graduating up to the 5200 and 7800; we of course, jump into the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Genesis, and we mention the Playstation One in our chats about some of the best games out there, and memories. :)

Also this week, we are joined by guest host Neil Purcell, creator of webcomic Dasien (Check it out over at and Neil's Classic Gaming! 

(Neil is also the illustrator of our artwork this week; If you like it, check out his work!)

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