In 1991, Steven Spielberg decided to release a film he'd been working on with an all star cast. 

Dustin Hoffman, Bob Hoskins, Julia Roberts, and of course, the memorable Robin Williams, were cast in what was to be a sequel for J.M. Barrie's Peter and Wendy novel, a film called Hook.

Critics were not kind to this film; Rotten Tomatoes listed it at 4.4/10, warranting a "Rotten" review (I personally take issue with this; Rotten Tomatoes holds stoner film Knocked Up at a 90% "Fresh" rating, which is really not a good film at all), Roger Ebert felt it wasn't terribly memorable, but us? We felt it was a great film that held up!

So come join Mike and I as we discuss a favorite of ours, and say, "Screw the critics!" as we talk about Steven Spielberg's Hook.

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This is episode 007 of our relaunch, folks, so what does that mean? 

It means we get a Best of Bond movie review!

In this episode, Mike and I sit down and go over   our top 10 favorite James Bond films. Some of you may think we're nuts (Nicole, I'm sorry to disappoint, but Moonraker didn't make it in for either one of us!), but these are OUR favorites, with everyone but George Lazenby getting love. 

If you feel like we missed one, or you think we're completely crazy, let us know in the comments! We'd love to hear your thoughts and what you like as well. If you approve, please feel free to tell us on our Facebook page or on!


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This time on Talkin' Bout My Generation, Doug Abel and Mike Blanchard are invaded!!

Yes, Nicole Hale, aka BeatlesDiva, decided to drop in for this podcast as we discuss two movies that are 20 years old - Mars Attacks and Space Jam!

In Part 1 of this double feature, we discuss the 1950's era throwback film, Mars Attacks. An ensemble film, this movie had kind of a who's who of famous people - Annette Bening, Jim Brown, Michael J. Fox, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jack Nicholson, and even Tom Jones (because I'm assuming Wayne Newton wanted no part of this film). Mike and Nicole dish on this film as one of their favorites - Doug, however? "Not one of my favorites, and if I don't watch it again? No loss."


For the second half, however we move into a movie that has stood a better test of time: Space Jam.

This film chronicled Michael Jordan's retirement to play baseball, and return to basketball - oddly, the decision had nothing to do with him playing poorly on the Chicago White Sox farm team, the Dragons, but rather, due to the assistance of a bunch of Loony characters trying to avoid being kidnapped and put on display at Moron Mountain.

(Anyone who lives in Southern California and knows about Six Flags Magic Mountain? You probably already know they were sucked up into "Moron Mountain" and put onto display there!)

So join Doug Abel, Mike Blanchard, and Nicole Hale for episode 006 of Talkin' Bout My Generation as we discuss Mars Attacks Space Jam!

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