Happy Thanksgiving!

What's that, you say? It's nearly Christmas???

Yes, I know. Mike went on vacation, and well, Doug's brain took a vacation as well, preventing this episode from being posted on time.

This is a time for thanks. TFG1Mike, his fiancé SpicedDemon, Doug, Doug's wife Alicia and Chris Morton from Indeed Podcast all got together to sit down and share all of our memories, from cinnamon rolls the morning of the holiday, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, to asparagus casserole instead of the horrid green bean one!

Join us in a wonderful discussion of traditions, even though it's a month late (Sorry, @SpicedDemon!), but the discussion is fun and light hearted anyway!


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Yes, our 13th episode of the new launch, and, as so many have seen with the number 13, it's an unlucky number.

Sadly, this episode was to have been released at Halloween, but due to Halloween gremlins (Ok, maybe it's Mogwai, but I think they got into the Halloween candy after midnight), the episode was never released. So while you are only now getting to hear us talk about Vincent Van Ghoul, Daphne, Shaggy, Scrappy-Doo, Flim-Flam, and of course, Scooby Too and his 13 ghosts that he was supposed to capture, maybe you should consider it a "Lost" episode!!!

At any rate...As Mike and I point out, this just wasn't much to go over - 1 season, with voice actors like Sue Blu, Vincent Price, and Kasey Kasem? That was about as good as it got. Those meddlin' network execs really ruined something that could have been successful, but by bringing in characters that they didn't need (and cutting others that were needed), we got goofy ghosts, a pint sized con artist, and scaredy cats (or dogs, as the case may be) doing a horrible job.

So, give it a listen, and leave us comments. Tell us what you think, over at mygenerationpodcast.com or out on our Facebook page!


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